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Volunteer Opportunities

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Each of us has a special talent or skill from simply listening to playing the piano like a pro. CVAA can use your skills in so many ways to help seniors.

Just for a moment...stop and think what it would be like to be physically unable to leave your home without someone to help you. How would you get to the doctor for your appointment, or get to the grocery store and reach the things you need on those high shelves and then put them away at home?

You can make a tremendous difference!

As a CVAA volunteer, you can help seniors in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Deliver Meals on Wheels in your community
  • Provide companionship
  • Help with daily household tasks
  • Assist with home maintenance and repairs

Other ways volunteers help CVAA:

  • Help with administrative tasks
  • Help with fund raising events

Click here to see a list of current volunteer opportunities

To learn more about volunteer opportunities call 802-865-0360 or CVAA Senior HelpLine at 1-800-642-5119 or email us at info@cvaa.org.

Download our Volunteers brochure